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Conference Details

Conference Structure

Participation in American International College's Model Congress is open to all high school students.

Each high school may register up to 3 delegations (teams of students) of up to 4 delegates in each delegation.


Each delegation should submit one bill with a minimum of one bill sponsor and a maximum of two bill sponsors.

Bills will be debated during committee sessions.


Bills that pass committee sessions will be debated during House & Senate sessions.

CLICK HERE to see example joint resolution and constitutional amendment bills.

The Role of an Advisor:

An Advisor is the primary line of communication between Model Congress staff and high school students in preparation for the conference. An Advisor will coach their Delegates in debate and help students prepare for the conference with bill writing and research. An Advisor is responsible for ensuring the school is fully registered and has completed all registration requirements. 

It is helpful for the Advisor to familiarize themselves with the advisor resources located on the "Resources" tab under "Advisor Resources."

The Role of a Delegate:

A Delegate is a high school student that attends the conference and debates in all sessions including the Emergency Session, Committee Sessions, and House and Senate Sessions. They propose amendments and vote on all matters in their sessions.

Delegates are members of a delegation consisting of up to 4 delegates. Delegates are eligible to receive awards and are held to the debate standards outlined in the Procedural Manual available under Delegate Resources.

The Role of a Delegation:

A Delegation is a team consisting of up to four Delegates. A Delegation is responsible for writing one bill on a topic of their choice to be submitted by a pre-determined date. 

Two members of the Delegation will be bill sponsors. These Delegates will be those who can best debate in favor of the bill and/or had a majority of the say in writing the bill. Both bill sponsors will be assigned to the committee session in which their bill will be on the agenda. 


While AIC's Model Congress is technically a competition, all are welcome.

Judges will observe sessions and rate delegates using a rubric that assesses criteria such as professionalism, decorum, ability to use Robert's Rules of Order, knowledge of issues, and overall presentation skills. Delegates do not need to have their bill pass committee and/or House and Senate sessions in order to be considered.

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