About the Model Congress

New England's Premier Simulated Congress Spanning 82 Years


Founded in 1940, this is the longest running simulated congress of its type in the nation. Delegates from each school carefully craft bills and constitutional amendments with their inspiration stemming from current world events. To supplement the experience, regional politicians will come to speak to the students about their experience with public service. Some notable speakers we have hosted include President Gerald Ford, Vice President Joseph Biden, Congressman Richard Neal, and Secretary of State John Kerry. The Model Congress concludes with an awards ceremony at which the top delegates receive scholarships covering as much as full tuition for four years at American International College. Since 1940, nearly 14,000 high school students have participated in American International College’s Model Congress.

By attending

Model Congress,

students will gain:

  • a greater appreciation for public service and government involvement;

  • an increased understanding of current world issues;

  • greater confidence in public speaking and debate skills.

82nd Annual
Model Congress

March 2022

About the 82nd:

In lieu of our traditional weekend conference, AIC's Model Congress is hosting a virtual  conference. Any high school student may register, and Zoom information will be provided as the session approaches.

Since this is an emergency-style debate session, participants will not know the topic of the legislation until minutes before the session begins to simulate a true emergency session in Congress