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Document resources can be accessed by clicking on the PDF icon next to the description. 

This map of the AIC campus outlines where to park, where sessions will be held, and where meals will be served. Please cross-reference the conference schedule and this map to ensure you know how to navigate campus or speak with a staff member.

The Procedural Manual outlines the parliamentary procedure that is utilized during the Model Congress. It is developed using Robert's Rules of Order and United States Congressional Procedures. It is adapted to ensure the best possible debate experience during the conference. 

Click the link to the right to download the Procedural Manual for the 82nd annual Emergency Session.

An e-mail will be sent to advisors outlining the major changes for the 82nd session.

Procedural Manual

Model Congress staff can do their best to accommodate a school visit, in person or digitally. On a school visit, Delegates can ask any questions to help them better prepare for Model Congress. This is very helpful to new participating schools or schools with a large number of new Delegates.

Request a School Visit
Campus Map
82nd Session Schedule

See below for the schedule of the 82nd Emergency Session of Model Congress.

Click here to submit a bill to the 82nd Annual Model Congress Emergency Session!

Emergency Bill Submission