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The Procedural Manual outlines the parliamentary procedure that is utilized during the Model Congress. It is developed using Robert's Rules of Order and United States Congressional Procedures. It is adapted to ensure the best possible debate experience during the conference. 

Click the link to the right to download the Procedural Manual for the 81st annual Emergency Session.

Procedural Manual

It can be helpful to review former pieces of legislation to get an idea of any sections that should be added or removed. For example, you do not want to forget to add information about when the law would go into effect. By opening the document to the right, you are able to read through last year's legislative packet. All submitted legislation is vetted to ensure the purpose of the bill is not repeated from previous years.

Examples of Previous Legislation

Legislation should be submitted as an unformatted word document. There should be no bold, italicized or otherwise altered text. Lines should not be numbered and the heading should be left blank. Model Congress staff will format the legislation as it is received. Legislation may be submitted on the template to the right if it is easier for delegations.

Requirements for Submitting Legislation

The legislation for the 81st annual Emergency Session will be provided to delegates as the session begins.


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Amendment Form
Zoom Backgrounds

Delegates must maintain a professional background or utilize one of our Model Congress themed Zoom backgrounds! Check in with your advisor if you'd like to use a Model Congress background.